Company Overview

Rockies Express Pipeline LLC (REX), a Delaware limited liability company, is a 1,698-mile natural gas pipeline system that spans from Rio Blanco County, Colorado, to Monroe County, Ohio. REX became fully operational in November, 2009 with a capacity of 1.8 billion cubic feet per day. REX offers firm and interruptible transportation services as well as pooling, wheeling and a park and loan service.
Rockies Express Pipeline LLC ("Rockies Express") is a limited liability company owned 25% by a subsidiary of Phillips 66 and 75% by a subsidiary of Tallgrass Energy Partners, L.P. Tallgrass NatGas Operator, LLC operates Rockies Express.

Contact Information

For Business Development information, contact:   Dustin Bashford, (303) 763-3378
Doug Walker, (815) 464-1617
Len Mize, (303) 763-3218
For Marketing information, contact:   Debbie Fishel, (303) 763-3286
Samantha Richardson, (303) 763-3446
Brett Markowski, (303) 763-3343
For pipeline scheduling information issues not relating to access or security, contact:   Your Scheduling Representative
or the Scheduling Hotline, (303) 763-2906
For information about contract administration or capacity release, contact:   Your Contract Administrator or the Contracts Hotline, (303) 763-3399
For Access and Security issues contact:    Customer Support,
For Operations information, contact:   Mick Rafter, (303) 763-3689
For Right-of-Way information, contact:   Dick Sears, (303) 763-3302
For information about credit worthiness, contact:   Tallgrass Customer Credit,

Services Include

FTS: Firm Transportation Service
ITS: Interruptible Transportation Service
PALS: Park and Loan Service
BHS: Backhaul Transportation Service
PAWS: Pooling and Wheeling Service

(FTS) Firm Transportation Service
Provides firm transportation service where customers have rights to pipeline and point capacities on the basis of contracted receipt and delivery points. Additionally, customers have access to other points within and outside the selected path.
(ITS) Interruptible Transportation Service
Provides interruptible transportation service. Customers with this service have access to all receipt and delivery points on the system.
(PALS) Park and Loan Service
Is an interruptible service for parking and loaning gas that provides shippers another tool for balancing daily receipts/deliveries and managing its overall supply portfolio of services including taking advantage of pricing differentials. PALS is performed based on Rockies Express' system operating conditions and line pack. This service is available at designated points.
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