System Information

Pony Express Pipeline LLC System Information

The Pony Express Pipeline (“PXP”) transports crude petroleum from the Guernsey, Wyoming area to Cushing, Oklahoma area delivery points. Current capacity out of Guernsey is 230,000 barrels per day. PXP transports under a local tariff and under joint tariffs with the Belle Fourche Pipeline Company and with Hiland Crude’s Double H Pipeline.

PXP also provides transportation service via its Northeast Colorado Lateral (“NECL”). Capacity from NECL receipt points to the Cushing area is 90,000 barrels per day.

Delivery points (“Destinations”) in the Cushing area include Enterprise, Enbridge, Plains, Rose Rock and Blue Knight, as well as the Phillips 66 refinery at Ponca City, Oklahoma. In addition, delivery at Seaway, NGL, Deeprock North and Deeprock South may be made by further arrangement (see Notice dated April 1, 2015). Delivery at Seaway, NGL, Deeprock North and Deeprock South are subject to acceptance by Pony Express and include additional fees as stated in the April 1, 2015 Notice.

Ninety percent of the PXP capacity has been sold to “Committed Shippers”. PXP will always make no less than ten percent of its capacity available for “Walk Up” shippers – see the separate tab for information pertinent to Walk Up shippers.

PXP expects to transport up to four "Common Streams" described here.

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